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Curve-dao-token (CRV) Price Breakouts

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Daily Price Breakouts

Coin Name $Price Daily% Weekly%
ppad PlayPad 0.004392 22.76 -3.92
MINIFOOTBALL Minifootball 0.000000 9.04 -0.09
son SONofSHIB 0.000000 6.82 -1.99
ginza Ginza Network 0.008008 4.59 -17.44
SSS StarSharks 0.380888 2.89 -9.26
GQ Galactic Quadrant 0.002630 1.60 -3.57
INT INTchain 0.003004 0.24 -1.94
LPT Livepeer 9.482572 0.03 -1.89

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